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back-to-basics daily routine kit

Introducing our daily routine discount kit! This package includes our rich butter cleansing foam, hyper stellar lotus eyecream, and hydro mega waterfall cream. Receive the basic essentials for your everyday routine for a  discounted price! This kit is worth $74, but receive it for only $57 (you're getting the cleanser for free)!

rich butter cleansing foam: 

This cleansing foam will remove any impurities from your skin with bubbles of rich butter. Goat's milk extract gives a buttery milk foam texture and thoroughly cleanses the skin.

hyper stellar lotus eyecream:

Includes mineral extract from San Pellegrino and brightens and revives skin coloration.

Lotus Seed Extract and Hydro Beads provide hydration and a healthy glow. The Lotus Seed Extract effectively provides skin relief and brightens skin tones while the Hydro Beads instantly dissolve into the skin and absorbs into the pores.

hydro mega waterfall cream:

This cream penetrates your skin and provides deep moisture in your skin for 24 hours.

Our hydro mega waterfall cream includes mineral extract from San Pellegrino, providing all day hydration. The Ceramide ingredient helps strengthen the outer layer of the skin and allows the moisturizer to penetrate deep into the skin.

The San Pellegrino extract keeps the skin at a natural pH level of 4.5 to 5.5 while the Carbonic Acid from the sparkling water helps the skin absorb and circulate oxygen within, resulting in a healthy glow.

How to Use: Apply pea sized amount of cleansing foam onto damp face and massage for 30-60 seconds. Follow up with your choice of essence and serum, then apply pea sized amount of hyper stellar lotus eyecream under eyes for brightening and hydration. Finish off with hydro mega waterfall cream and pat into skin for full absorption. 

Ingredients may be found on individual product listing.