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about us

The nuca girl is not confined by the standards of the world. She freely radiates charm and healthiness.

After years of creating products for nuca girls in Korea, nuca is beginning to branch out! nuca is a Korean beauty brand that aims to help you achieve the skin of your dreams.

nuca means "nape" (back of the neck) in Spanish, which metaphorically expresses the colorful beauty of a healthy and beautiful girl. We believe that you should be confident in your own skin and show the real you as you are. Our mission is to simplify skincare and go back to the basics, while advocating for a natural, authentic, and healthy nuca girl.

You own the world, you own your body. The best makeup is your laughter and healthy skin, and nuca is the modern beauty brand that promotes authentic and lively lifestyle.

nuca is a cruelty-free brand that does not use harsh chemicals in our products.